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  Owning one or more premium quality domain names related to your business increases website traffic, brand awareness, customer retention and loyalty, and also prevents competition from entering into your market space!
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Hundreds of Education & Training Domain Names

3 Letter Domain Name EJV.co


855 Vanity Domains

855 toll free number domain names for sale

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 4 letter


WHATSAY.COM (call 800 712 5568 x3)
Established articles website and scripts available

eComInvestments.com offers the largest selection of education and training domain names available!

Choose from over 1200 education domain names then click for more details about how you can own it.


YOUAREDISCOVERED.COM (call 800 712 5568 x3)
This domain name and URDiscovered.com are being offered as a package deal.  Either domain name presents tremendous profit potential as a video Karaoke style talent location and discovery site.
 Epub Books  also see epub-ebooks


also see epubebooks

Epub eBooks  also see epub books



FINDACOLLEGELOAN.COM  (call 800 712 5568 x3)
This is a developed website that currently receives traffic


 Fitness Exercise
 News Media
ADDPR.COM (call 800 712 5568 x3)
This is an established press release portal e with PR4 and daily traffic.
 Real Estate
 Sales Marketing Advertising
ESALESFLYERS.COM (call 800 712 5568 x3)
Includes website design and business plan  ideas plus database of 28k+  U.S. cities


WEEKLYSALESFLYERS.COM (call 800 712 5568 x3)
Includes website design and business plan  ideas plus database of 28k+  U.S. cities


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 NOTICE:   Additional Domain Names May Also Be Available
For business reasons not all of our domain names are listed here.  If you do not see the domain name you are looking for please email support at aisolinc.com or call 800 712 5568 x3

Top 10 Reasons Why Domain Names Are a Great Investment

  • Domain names tell people specifically where to find you on the Internet
  • A Good Domain name presents a more professional image and can support and even build your Brand in the Marketplace
  • Domain names are unique - nobody else can own your domain name
  • Annual cost is just $10 to renew your domain name
  • Domain names can be easily shared with others via Word of Mouth
  • Direct traffic to your domain name costs you nothing
  • Search engines rank websites with relevant domain names higher
  • Domain names like any business asset can add value to yoru business at time of sale
  • Owning multiple domain names relating to your business can increase traffic and the number of qualified site visitors that you receive
  • Owning multiple Domain names blocks competition from entering into your space and increases the value of your business to potential buyers
  •  Domain Name News

    Build Your Internet Business Now Before Domain Name Prices Rise Says Internet Marketing Expert
    There may be millions of domain names in circulation but most will never amount to a hill of beans when it comes to building a viable Internet business upon them. Great domain names albeit more expensive are an integral part of any successful Internet business
    Leveraging Keyword Domain Names One Route To Internet Business Success
    The Internet was designed for research and Internet surfer behavior continues to prove it. The keys to winning in an Internet business lies in understanding and leveraging online consumer behavior to your benefit
    Brand Yourself As An Expert By Using A Power Domain Name Says Veteran Internet Marketer
    Think outside the box to capture your niche, separate yourself from the competition and imprint your value into the minds of consumers


    Our domain names are carefully selected by Internet experts for their memorability factor.  Domain names in our portfolio like AbsToner.com, SexierSkin.com, HolidayCD, PhotosQuick.com, MyTire.com and WeFinanceHomes.com are all meaningful and highly memorable domain names.  All of these plus hundreds other domain names we own present great opportunities for businesses to own and use to capture specific business niches by leveraging these domain names to brand themselves into consumers minds.
    Each of tthe carefully selected premium quality domain names in our portfolio are designed for use in ad campaigns and in company promotional literature.  Brandable domain names uniquely identify your business as the main source for the product or service that the domain name references.


    Example:  Home owners and buyers seeking Mortgage funding in Palm Beach can type PalmBeachMortgageFunding.com right into their browser. 
    If your company owns this highly specific domain name PalmBeachMortgageFunding consumers that type this domain name address directly into their browser will bypass the competition and go directly to your website.  You save on SEO services and PPC advertising and you get the exclusive visit and right to assist that client thanks to your branded domain name that attracts free direct navigation traffic to your site 24 x 7..


    Example:  A Travel Agent that owns MyTravelBrochure.com can
    Grow their travel business and customer list by offering travelers the opportunity to build and print their own travel brochure online by giving them the option to choose from cruises, air and hotel vacations, adventure travel excursions
    The company that owns and brands the domain name MyTravelBrochure.com will profit from free word of mouth advertising, income from ad sales to the various travel outlets listed on the site, sponsor ads and add on services like travel insurance, consulting, even tour guide services.  Just to name a few revenue streams possible when you own and leverage a brand domain name from Allied Internet Solutions Inc.
    Domain Name Reseller Announces Money Back Gurantee On Select Domain Names
    Money Back Guarantee offer amounts range from 10% to 50%. on select domain names.
    In what may be a first for the Domain Name Industry eComInvestments.com has announced a Money Back Guarantee on select domain names.

    Under the terms of this unique Money Back Guarantee buyers that visit http://www.eComInvestments.com and purchase select domain names will have up to 90 days to decide whether to keep the name or website they have purchased.

    Select names will include a customized Money Back Guarantee in the sales contract that will allow the buyer to return the domain name and receive from 10% up to 50% of their money back depending on the negotiated sales price.

    Domain names under $1000 may be eligible for up to a 30% Money Back Guarantee while select domain names over $20,000 will qualify for up to 50% Scott says.

    We can make this risk reversal offer because we are confident in the success potential of the carefully selected domain names says Scott Alliy President of eComInvestments.com.

    We don't plan on getting any domain names back scott Says. Our partial Money Back offer is designed to stimulate sales. We believe that our Money Back Guarantee will encourage domain name buyers that may be sitting on the fence to move forward and start their own Internet business.

    To my knowledge says Scott we are the only domain name reseller to ever offer a Money Back Guarantee of any nature. The fact that we are willing to offer a Money Back Guarantee highlights the confidence that we have in the success potential of our domain names once developed into operational Internet businesses.

    In addition to the unique and exclusive Money Back Guarantee eComInvestments.com is also offering reduced rates on Internet marketing consulting services to domain name buyers.

    Our parent company Allied Internet Solutions Inc. has a staff of experienced in Website design, SEO techniques, and Social Media Marketing techniques that can help any Internet business grow Scott says.

    For more information or to view the list of Premium domain names for sale and find out what level of Money Back Guarantee the name you want may qualify for please visit http://www.eComInvestments.com and then contact their office at (800) 712-5568 x3

    About Us:
    eComInvestments.com is an established domain name reseller and division of Allied Internet Solutions Inc.

    Contact Info:
    Scott B. Alliy
    (800) 712 5568 x3

    Additional: Money Back Guarantee on Select Domain Names

    Company: eComInvestments.com

    Country: United States

    Contact: Scott Alliy

    Website: http://www.eComInvestments.com

    Bus E-Mail: na

    Phone: (800) 712-5568




    Education and Training Domain Names

    find the premium education and training domain you want in this list then click for more details and price

    800Seminars.Com Harrisburgseminars.Com Seminarsinid.Com
    855Conferences.Com Hartfordseminars.Com Seminarsinidaho.Com
    855Events.Com Healthcare-Insurance-Seminar.Com Seminarsinil.Com
    855Learn.Com Healthcare-Law-Seminar.Com Seminarsinillinois.Com
    855Meetings.Com Healthcare-Management-Training.Com Seminarsinin.Com
    855Seminar.Com Healthcareseminarprovider.Com Seminarsinindia.Com
    855Seminars.Com Healthcareseminarproviders.Com Seminarsinindiana.Com
    855Training.Com Healthcareseminarsinarizona.Com Seminarsiniowa.Com
    855Trainingseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsinaz.Com Seminarsinkansas.Com
    Accountingnewsnetwork.Com Healthcareseminarsincalifornia.Com Seminarsinkentucky.Com
    Adminassistanttraining.Com Healthcareseminarsinfl.Com Seminarsinks.Com
    Administrativeassistanttrainingseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsinflorida.Com Seminarsinky.Com
    Administrativeassistanttrainingwebinars.Com Healthcareseminarsinmissouri.Com Seminarsinla.Com
    Administrativeassistantwebinars.Com Healthcareseminarsinmo.Com Seminarsinlouisiana.Com
    Administrativeseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsinnc.Com Seminarsinma.Com
    Administrativetraining.Com Healthcareseminarsinnevada.Com Seminarsinmaine.Com
    Administrativetrainingwebinars.Com Healthcareseminarsinnewjersey.Com Seminarsinmaryland.Com
    Administrativewebinars.Com Healthcareseminarsinnewyork.Com Seminarsinmassachusetts.Com
    Albanyseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsinnj.Com Seminarsinme.Com
    Albuquerqueseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsinnorthcarolina.Com Seminarsinmexico.Com
    Anaheimseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsinnv.Com Seminarsinmi.Com
    Announcemyconference.Com Healthcareseminarsinny.Com Seminarsinmichigan.Com
    Announcemyseminar.Com Healthcareseminarsinoh.Com Seminarsinminnesota.Com
    Announcemytraining.Com Healthcareseminarsinohio.Com Seminarsinmississippi.Com
    Announcemywebinar.Com Healthcareseminarsinpa.Com Seminarsinmissouri.Com
    Aprilconferences.Com Healthcareseminarsinpennsylvania.Com Seminarsinmn.Com
    Aprilseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsintexas.Com Seminarsinmo.Com
    Atlantasalestraining.Com Healthcareseminarsintx.Com Seminarsinmontana.Com
    Atlantaseminars.Com Healthcareseminarsinwa.Com Seminarsinms.Com
    Audioconferencebrochures.Com Healthcareseminarsinwashington.Com Seminarsinmt.Com
    Audioconferenceproviders.Com Healthcaretraininginarizona.Com Seminarsinnc.Com
    Audioconferencetraining.Com Healthcaretraininginaz.Com Seminarsinnd.Com
    Audiotrainingclasses.Com Healthcaretraininginca.Com Seminarsinne.Com
    Augustconferences.Com Healthcaretrainingincalifornia.Com Seminarsinnebraska.Com
    Augustseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginfl.Com Seminarsinnevada.Com
    Augusttraining.Com Healthcaretraininginflorida.Com Seminarsinnewhampshire.Com
    Australiaseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginmissouri.Com Seminarsinnewjersey.Com
    AuthorLiquidation.Com Healthcaretraininginmo.Com Seminarsinnewmexico.Com
    Billingwebinar.Com Healthcaretraininginnc.Com Seminarsinnewyork.Com
    Billingwebinars.Com Healthcaretraininginnevada.Com Seminarsinnh.Com
    Birminghamseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginnewyork.Com Seminarsinnj.Com
    Bloomingtonseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginnj.Com Seminarsinnm.Com
    Buffaloseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginnorthcarolina.Com Seminarsinnorthcarolina.Com
    Businessmarketingtraining.Com Healthcaretraininginnv.Com Seminarsinnorthdakota.Com
    Businessskillsseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginny.Com Seminarsinnv.Com
    Businessskillstrainingonline.Com Healthcaretraininginoh.Com Seminarsinny.Com
    Businessskillswebinars.Com Healthcaretraininginohio.Com Seminarsinoh.Com
    Careerskillsseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginpa.Com Seminarsinohio.Com
    Careerskillstraining.Com Healthcaretraininginpennsylvania.Com Seminarsinok.Com
    Careertrainingseminars.Com Healthcaretrainingintexas.Com Seminarsinoklahoma.Com
    Cbtproducts.Com Healthcaretrainingintx.Com Seminarsinor.Com
    Changemanagementwebinars.Com Healthcaretraininginwa.Com Seminarsinoregon.Com
    Charlotteseminars.Com Healthcaretraininginwashington.Com Seminarsinpa.Com
    Chinatrainingseminars.Com Healthcaretrainingprovider.Com Seminarsinpennsylvania.Com
    Cincinnatiseminars.Com Healthcaretrainingproviders.Com Seminarsinrhodeisland.Com
    Codingwebinar.Com Healthcaretrainings.Com Seminarsinri.Com
    Codingwebinars.Com Healthcaretrainingseminars.Com Seminarsinsc.Com
    Columbusseminars.Com Health-Seminar.Com Seminarsinsd.Com
    Communication-Skill-Training.Com Houstonseminars.Com Seminarsinsouthcarolina.Com
    Communicationsnewsnetwork.Com Hr-Training-Course.Com Seminarsinsouthdakota.Com
    Communications-Training.Com Hr-Training-Jobs.Com Seminarsinsweden.Com
    Communicationswebinars.Com Humanresourcestrainings.Com Seminarsintennessee.Com
    Communicationtrainings.Com Ifindaseminar.Com Seminarsintexas.Com
    Communicationwebinars.Com Ifindseminars.Com Seminarsintn.Com
    Conferenceagendas.Com Ifindtraining.Com Seminarsintx.Com
    Conferenceannouncements.Com Ilearningacademy.Com Seminarsinuk.Com
    Conferenceannouncer.Com Ilearningaudio.Com Seminarsinus.Com
    Conferencebrochures.Com Ilearningaudios.Com Seminarsinut.Com
    Conferenceliquidation.Com Ilearningauthors.Com Seminarsinutah.Com
    Conferenceregistrationform.Com Ilearningbytes.Com Seminarsinva.Com
    Conferencesinalabama.Com Ilearningcatalog.Com Seminarsinvermont.Com
    Conferencesinalaska.Com Ilearningcertification.Com Seminarsinvi.Com
    Conferencesinarizona.Com Ilearningcertifications.Com Seminarsinvirginia.Com
    Conferencesinarkansas.Com Ilearningclass.Com Seminarsinvt.Com
    Conferencesincalifornia.Com Ilearningclasseses.Com Seminarsinwa.Com
    Conferencesincolorado.Com Ilearningcompanies.Com Seminarsinwashington.Com
    Conferencesinconnecticut.Com Ilearningcompany.Com Seminarsinwestvirginia.Com
    Conferencesindelaware.Com Ilearningconferences.Com Seminarsinwi.Com
    Conferencesinflorida.Com Ilearningcourse.Com Seminarsinwisconsin.Com
    Conferencesingeorgia.Com Ilearningcourses.Com Seminarsinwv.Com
    Conferencesinhawaii.Com Ilearningdevelopers.Com Seminarsinwy.Com
    Conferencesinidaho.Com Ilearningdirect.Com Seminarsinwyoming.Com
    Conferencesinillinois.Com Ilearningdistributors.Com Seminarsnearyou.Com
    Conferencesinindiana.Com Ilearningevents.Com Seminars-New-York.Com
    Conferencesiniowa.Com Ilearningjobs.Com Seminars-Ohio.Com
    Conferencesinkansas.Com Ilearningjournal.Com Seminarsondisc.Com
    Conferencesinkentucky.Com Ilearninglessons.Com Seminarstogo.Com
    Conferencesinlouisiana.Com Ilearningmodules.Com Seminarstrainings.Com
    Conferencesinmaine.Com Ilearningnews.Com Seminartitles.Com
    Conferencesinmaryland.Com Ilearningpackages.Com Seminartrainings.Com
    Conferencesinmassachusetts.Com Ilearningproducers.Com Seminarvlog.Com
    Conferencesinmichigan.Com Ilearningproducts.Com Seminarvlogs.Com
    Conferencesinminnesota.Com Ilearningprogram.Com Seotrainingworkshops.Com
    Conferencesinmississippi.Com Ilearningprograms.Com Septemberconferences.Com
    Conferencesinmissouri.Com Ilearningprovider.Com Septemberseminars.Com
    Conferencesinmontana.Com Ilearningproviders.Com Septembertraining.Com
    Conferencesinnebraska.Com Ilearningresources.Com Skillstrainingproviders
    Conferencesinnevada.Com Ilearningschool.Com Socialmediatrainings.Com
    Conferencesinnewhampshire.Com Ilearningseminars.Com Solarenergyconferences.Com
    Conferencesinnewjersey.Com Ilearningsoftware.Com Solarenergyseminars.Com
    Conferencesinnewmexico.Com Ilearningspeakers.Com Solarenergytrainings.Com
    Conferencesinnewyork.Com Ilearningsystems.Com Solarenergytrainingseminars.Com
    Conferencesinnorthcarolina.Com Ilearningtools.Com Solartrainingseminars.Com
    Conferencesinnorthdakota.Com Ilearningtraining.Com Spanishbasedtraining.Com
    Conferencesinohio.Com Ilearningtrainings.Com Speakerliquidation.Com
    Conferencesinoklahoma.Com Ilearningtutor.Com Spokaneseminars.Com
    Conferencesinoregon.Com Ilearningtutors.Com Stafftrainingclasses.Com
    Conferencesinpennsylvania.Com Ilearningvideos.Com Stafftrainingseminars.Com
    Conferencesinrhodeisland.Com Ilearningworkshop.Com Stafftrainingworkshops.Com
    Conferencesinsouthcarolina.Com Ilearningworkshops.Com Stlouisseminars.Com
    Conferencesinsouthdakota.Com Indianapolisseminars.Com Successcoachtrainer.Com
    Conferencesintennessee.Com Industrialtrainingseminars.Com Supervisorstraining.Com
    Conferencesintexas.Com Investorseminar.Com Supervisor-Training.Com
    Conferencesinutah.Com Jacksonseminars.Com Supervisortrainingonline.Com
    Conferencesinvermont.Com Jacksonvilleseminars.Com Supervisortrainingseminars.Com
    Conferencesinvirginia.Com Januaryconferences.Com Swedenseminars.Com
    Conferencesinwashington.Com Januaryseminars.Com Swedentraining.Com
    Conferencesinwestvirginia.Com Januarytraining.Com Syracuseseminars.Com
    Conferencesinwisconsin.Com Julyconferences.Com Tacomaseminars.Com
    Conferencesinwyoming.Com Julyseminars.Com Tampasalestraining.Com
    Conferencetrainings.Com Julytraining.Com Technicaltrainingclass.Com
    Coursewaredevelopers.Com Juneconferences.Com The-Business-Seminar.Com
    Cptcodingseminars.Com Juneseminars.Com Thebusinesstrainingexpert.Com
    Crmnewsnetwork.Com Junetraining.Com Thebusinesstrainingexperts.Com
    Csrnewsnetwork.Com Justannouncedseminars.Com The-Communication-Seminar.Com
    Cyberlearningnews.Com Justannouncedtraining.Com The-Continuing-Education.Com
    Debtreductiontraining.Com Kansascityseminars.Com The-Corporate-Training.Com
    Decemberconferences.Com Lastminuteseminaralerts.Com The-Hr-Seminar.Com
    Decemberseminars.Com Lastminuteseminardeals.Com The-Hr-Training.Com
    Decembertraining.Com Lastminutetrainingalerts.Com The-Leadership-Seminar.Com
    Dentalcodingtraining.Com Lastminutetrainingdeals.Com The-Leadership-Training.Com
    Desmoinesseminars.Com Lastminutewebinardeals.Com The-Management-Seminar.Com
    Distancelearningproducts.Com Leadershipcoachtraining.Com The-Management-Training.Com
    Downloadmyseminar.Com Leadership-Training-Seminar.Com Theonlinetrainingchannel.Com
    Downloadmytraining.Com Leadershiptrainingwebinars.Com Theonlinetrainingexpert.Com
    Dvdtrainingclass.Com Learningbrochuresonline.Com The-Seminar.Com
    Ebookliquidators.Com Learnonmytime.Com The-Seminars.Com
    Econferencebrochures.Com Learnonyourtime.Com The-Training.Com
    Educationmarketingplus.Com Lexingtonseminars.Com The-Training-Certification.Com
    Educationliquidators.Com Littlerockseminars.Com The-Training-Seminar.Com
    Elearningbytes.Com Liveonlineconferences.Com Torontotraining.Com
    Elearningcertification.Com Liveonlineseminars.Com Tradeshowbrochure.Com
    Elearningcertificationprograms.Com Liveonlinetrainingclasses.Com Tradeshowbrochures.Com
    Elearningcertifications.Com Liveonlinewebinars.Com Trainerseminars.Com
    Elearningcoaches.Com Lmsproviders.Com Trainign.Com
    Elearningcoaching.Com Locateaseminar.Com Trainingagendas.Com
    Elearningconferences.Com Managementnewsnetwork.Com Trainingalert.Com
    Elearningcoupons.Com Managementwebinars.Com Trainingalerts.Com
    Elearningdemo.Com Managertrainingonline.Com Trainingandconferences.Com
    Elearningdemos.Com Manchesterseminars.Com Trainingandseminar.Com
    Elearningh.Com Marchconferences.Com Trainingandseminarbrochures.Com
    Elearningmanagementsystems.Com Marchseminars.Com Trainingandseminarnews.Com
    Elearningnewsnetwork.Com Marchtraining.Com Trainingandseminarnewsnetwork.Com
    Elearningtrainings.Com Marketmyseminar.Com Trainingandseminarsonline.Com
    Elearningwarehouse.Com Marketmyseminars.Com Trainingandworkshops.Com
    Elearningwiki.Com Mastercustomerservice.Com Trainingannouncements.Com
    Elearnup.Com Mayconferences.Com Trainingannouncer.Com
    Energytrainingseminars.Com Mayseminars.Com Training-Blog.Com
    Eseminarbrochures.Com Maytraining.Com Trainingbrochure.Com
    Etradeshowbrochures.Com Medicalbillingwebinar.Com Trainingbrochures.Com
    Etrainingandseminars.Com Medicalbillingwebinars.Com Trainingbrochuresonline.Com
    Etrainingbrochures.Com Medicaltrainingseminars.Com Training-Calendar.Com
    Etrainingcompanies.Com Meetingandeventmagazine.Com Trainingcalendars.Com
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    Domain Name Investor News

    Guidelines for Best Domain Name Registration

    In the web world, there is a tough competition as there are ample amount of choices available for the customers. In such a case, it becomes exceedingly difficult to attract the attention of the targeted audiences towards your website. But in doing so best domain name registration plays a vital role. The domain name of your website is the first thing that is noticed by the audience and it also creates an impression on their mind about your company. Hence, one has to be extremely careful while choosing domain name for the website. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while going for the best domain name registration for your website.

    The few basic guidelines that will help you to choose the perfect domain name for the website are:

    � Choose the best domain name registration option that conveys the nature of your business as well as the name of the company. For example, if you are dealing in apparel, then the domain name should contain the words that would suggest that the website deals with the same. The domain name should ideally also suggest the location of the company.
    � The length of the domain name is also very important. It should ideally be short and recognizable. You should choose the domain name that is easily identifiable by the customers and is also easy to remember. This will ensure that the customers visit the website over and over again. In case, your company has a very long name, using the initials of the company's name can make a good option.
    � During the whole domain name registration process, try and include the maximum possible number of keywords. It will increase the ranking of your website and will make it easily searchable by the visitors. This will in turn make your website highly popular, by improving it's ranking in the search engines.
    � While choosing the domain name for your company, think about seeking professional help. A domain name registration company can help you in doing the same. You can easily find a domain name registration company with a good reputation online that will make the process of choosing a domain name easier and simpler.

    By choosing the perfect domain name for your website, you take the first and foremost step towards the success and popularity of your website. So, go ahead with the best domain name registration process and make your website popular amongst the internet users.

    Author's Bio:

    The author of the article has an in-depth knowledge about the topic that how can one go for best domain name registration. Based on her study and research, here she guides the readers that seeking consultancy of a domain name registration company can do wonders for your online website. For more, visit the website, http://www.pacemedia.com.au/

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Frank_Jit

    An Easy Walkthrough in Registering a Domain Name

    Obtaining a new website is like having a new born child. The first thing that you must do is to name it. Just as you want your baby to be known by other people, you name your own website as well for other people to remember. Domain name registration is all about giving your website an identity for other people to recognize.

    Just as you desire your child to have rational and meaningful name that echoes your belief and optimism for his future, your newly bought website too demands cautiously selected domain name before you go on for registration.

    First, think of a name that is relevant and memorable to the content of your website. Also, think of a name that would attract visitors and search engines alike while supporting your brand. It is important that you're choosing a name is related to your website content so that searchers can easily remember and have a general idea of the content of your site. This also allows them to remember your site name so that they can return to it and even endorse it to other people.

    Second, do not stop right away in case you register a URL name, do your best to register alternate and multiple domain names that could redirect visitors to your main website. When guests arrive at the alternate extension domains, they will be automatically redirected to your website. This will prevent you from missing possible guests, visitors and prospects.

    Third, before you register a domain name you should foresee possible typographical errors of guests. Anticipating these errors will allow you to catch visitors before they are led astray by a competitor who may use the same strategy to lure your visitors to their own site.

    Fourth, when you register the domain name of your website, register it for in long term. This will avoid you from forgetting to renew your website domain and in turn would cause the risk of perpetually losing your hard-earned and well-thought website. Also, a long standing domain is better indexed by search engines because they are perceived to be more reliable than those newly acquired domains.

    Last but not least, it is important to lock your domain name. Why? By locking your domain name, you shield your precious domain from both unauthorized activity and human error-an error which is more often than not caused by your own negligence. It is vital to lock your domain because when your domain is locked, an outsider cannot transfer your domain to a different registrar without your consent. Once you've locked your domain, you can be sure that you can now prevent unforeseen events like accidental changes to your domain name servers, which can disrupt your website and business email.

    Are you looking for more information regarding register a domain? Visit http://directinfodomains.com/blog/ today!

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_Cortes

    How To Choose A Domain Name

    Your domain name is your address on the internet. In order to have a successful website, you're going to have to pick the right domain name to suit your needs. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when picking your domain name, but taking the time to pick the right name for your site will pay off in the long run.

    If you know anything about SEO, you probably know what keywords are. Keywords are words, or strings of words that people use to search for things online. Think about the type of content your site is going to have, and figure out which keywords might apply to that content. Once you know your keywords, you should try to include at least one of them in your domain name if you can.

    Your domain name also needs to be easy to remember. One of the easiest ways to ensure your domain name is easy to remember is to make sure it doesn't include more than three words. For example, awesomewebsite.com is much easier to remember than thiswebsiteisreallyawesome.com. It's also important to make sure the name of your website and the domain name you're using are more or less the same.

    If your domain name is awesomewebsite.com, then your site's name should be Awesome Website. If you named it something different, let's say, Cool Website, your readers would start typing coolwebsite.com into their browser when they wanted to find your site. If your domain name, and title aren't consistent, you run the risk of losing traffic.

    It's also important to use an effective domain suffix. If your website isn't a.com,.net, or.org, your visitors are less likely to remember your address. In fact, if you stray away from.com, you're running the risk of losing traffic. There are a lot of domain suffixes, but unless you intend to get the bulk of your traffic from search results, you shouldn't stray away from the most popular ones.

    Your domain name is part of your website's identity. If you don't take the time to pick a strong domain name, you might not get as much traffic as you would like. Take the time to pick a good domain name, and your website will do well over time.

    Did you know that 95% of Network Marketing businesses fail because of lack of personal coaching, being taught the wrong way to market their business, and not using the right system?

    Find out how to market your online business right at http://CarloLeonGuerrero.com

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carlo_Leon_Guerrero

    On Choosing A Domain Name

    In the world of the Internet, your potential customers may first learn about you and your business through your domain name. If you have chosen a domain name that describes a particular business or service, so much the better! It will be easier for people to find you.

    Do not let your ego get in the way when deciding a good domain name. Sure, you are important and there is value in marketing your name, but a personal, cute or generic name may not draw the potential customers that a well thought out name would bring.

    Your business is likely to be known for its domain name. It is part of your identity and your market brand. Make sure that it is easy to pronounce and understand. If you are telling someone over the telephone how to reach you online, your instructions should be easy to comprehend.

    You may want to protect your brand and your business name by purchasing multiple "extensions" or the.net,.org,.biz, or.info to name a few. If you were fortunate enough to find a good.com name and buy it, protecting your find by owning the other extensions can be a smart marketing move. Owning those extensions will make it harder for a competitor to "muscle in" on your good name.

    Certain domain names have value far in excess of what their original owner paid for them. Domain names often trade like a piece of real estate, their prices being set by the laws of supply and demand. I have let a few good domain names slip through my fingers over the years, not realizing that there are a finite number of good names out there and that some people will pay a handsome premium to own them.

    And there is also a market for buying names to acquire their old web-traffic. Many expired names have links to and from other sites, the value of which may be increased by directing that old traffic to one of your websites. You may want to buy an expired domain name of a previous competitor to make sure you will not have to compete against that same name in the future!

    If you have done a good keyword search of your industry, and put together a list of words that "go together" you might be lucky and get a great name that is popular in those searches. That would drive much more traffic to your website.

    Don't do what I did years ago. If you create or buy a good name, do keep it locked up and wait for the right offer to sell. You can do a Google search to find numerous websites that will appraise, buy from you or sell to you a domain name. Don't just let them expire!

    Timothy Stolz writes from his home in Greeley, Colorado and is Web Content Manager for http://www.domainuniverse.info. Tim is also a professional pianist and advocates for animal welfare issues.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Timothy_E_Stolz

    Five Tips to Choose the Best Domain Name For Your Business

    Domain name registration is one of the most basic requisites of setting up an online business. Your domain name is your actual identity on the web, through which users and search engines identify you.

    It is always advisable to take a good amount of time before finalizing on a domain name Whether your website is personal use or for your business, its name is something you should carefully consider.

    The following tips will help you make the right choice when it comes to getting a domain name registered for your website.

    � First and foremost, shortlist the domain name registration companies that you think are best suited to your requirements in terms of credibility and service. In the end, opt for a company that provides the best value and flexibility with its packages.

    � Web users find it difficult to remember a long or complicated web address. You should always try and keep your domain name short and easy to remember. It will help in getting your users back and also enhancing your brand recall value.

    � Try and incorporate your most important keywords in your domain name. It will make it easier for search engines to find your website and you will also get a good opportunity to improve your rankings on search engine result pages.

    � Once you are sure of the name that you want for your website, don't delay the actual registration process. Even if your site is under construction, there is no harm in getting the domain name of your choice registered at the earliest. With so much competition all around, you never know whether you will get the chance the next time. Also, get the domain name registered for a long period of time, unless you have some major changes planned for your business. One might argue that one year registrations are cheaper; but, in the end, renewals end up costing you more.

    � When it comes to choosing an extension, it is best to go for the most obvious choice -.com. It might be the most expensive, but it surely is the easiest thing for your users to connect to and remember about your web business.

    One smart thing that you could do is buying your domain name from the company that is providing you web hosting services. You will, in all likelihood, get a good discounted offer in such a case. Aussie Web Host, the leading website hosting services company in Australia, offers great domain name registration packages at exciting prices. Get your domain name registered with this company if you want to avail uninterrupted, reliable services.

    For more information related Australia web hosting, Website Hosting Company, Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider, Affordable Business Web Hosting please visit http://www.aussiewebhost.com.au

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Smit_Mathur

    What Is A Domain Name And How Does It Work?

    A domain name is basically your website address on the internet. When people search for your website they put your domain name (web address) into their browser to locate it.

    Without a DN your site simply does not exist online and cannot be found by searchers.

    Why Do I Need A Domain Name?

    You need a DN so that your website has an address online so that people can locate your website's pages. If you own your own website you need to have a DN for your site.

    How Do I Get A Domain Name?

    There are many companies online that sell DN's for a reasonable price. Once you buy a DN from one of these companies then your website will have a web address and make it accessible to the online world.

    NOTE: You also must have web hosting for your site to be visible online (explained later...)

    How Do I Choose A Domain Name?

    When you choose a DN it is important to keep it relevant to what your website is about. This makes it relevant and easy to remember for your visitors and allows the search engines to rank your website high when people search for your site.

    Example: If I had a site that was about helping women with morning sickness one relevant DN I could use would be: morningsicknesscures.com, another DN could be: morningsicknessremedies.com. There are literally many different combinations you could use but the important thing is to get your niche specific keywords into your domain name if possible.

    What If The Domain Name I Want Is Taken?

    If a DN you want is taken you can try to find different variations of your desired DN. Many web addresses end in.com but there are other top level domain endings you can use like.net or.org. Quite often these are not taken so you can use them instead of a.com ending if it is already taken.

    There are also other variations you can use at the end of your DN like.biz,.info,.tv etc. if all other options are exhausted. If no options at all are available for your desired name then you either need to choose different related keywords or get creative and add extra words to your DN eg. bestmorningsicknesscures.com (If morningsicknesscures.com wasn't available and all other endings weren't available then I could try adding other descriptive words like best to my DN to see if that creates a unique DN).

    What Is Web Hosting?

    Web Hosting or 'Hosting' is a service provided by a vendor which offers a physical location for the storage of web pages and files from your website. Think of a Web Hosting Company as a type of landlord, they rent physical space on their servers allowing webpages to be viewed on the Internet.

    Web hosting is usually charged as a monthly fee by most suppliers and is required if you have your own site so that your site is accessible to the online world.

    So as you can see domain names are very important when getting your website online. Without one your website does not exist online!

    To find out where you can get an affordable domain name and web hosting for your website please visit my cheap domain name and web hosting webpage.

    If you want to learn how you can make money from your websites please visit my make money with internet marketing website.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jamie_D.

    A Domain Name With Impact to People

    The domain name you have chosen will be your identity in the worldwide web, and it should be chosen with care since it carries your image and brand to the rest of the world. It will also enable people to locate your website and make people like or hate you and your products; so it should leave a lasting impression on the people who visit your site. This article should be your guide into this area.

    Apply the keyword: Your keyword should summarize exactly what you want others to get from your site so use the major point of what you have in the website. If a professional motor racing for example, words like race, auto, racing or car can feature but you could choose to say ProfessionalRacer.com or a name like TrackRacer.com which easily sums up your point.

    To operate a busy website successfully, you will have to choose a name which ends with dot.com since some people do not know of any other.

    It is true that majority of the users will only be looking for names that end with dot.com since they do not expect anything else as they might not be aware that other domain names such as dot-net and dot-org. existed.

    It is also important to choose a shorter name that would capture the spirit of your organization or image, and which will help people who have visited your site to keep on remembering who you are. This is basically where the great challenge lies, because such a name is never very easy to identify bearing in mind that there are over 162 million domain names on the internet.

    For this reason, the first few names you try out might not succeed so you are advised to keep on checking for the next best till you get the right one that fits perfectly.

    Using an abbreviation is not the best idea as it will keep people guessing and wondering if they got it right and if it is the full name or not. It is safer if you omit the hyphenated words altogether.

    On the internet today you may have seen a name like Online-Stopwatch.com which would keep people wondering if the name was spelled right when they try to use the site and so it poses a challenge which could have been avoided. It might put off some people who would have liked the products or services offered here and which are largely quite good.

    Be like Jordan by sporting his jersey only at Michael Jordan jerseys They also have varieties of jersey's at cheap basketball jerseys.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jamie_Pearson

    Why Buy An Existing Domain Name


    If you're a business owner who plans to create a website for your company, getting a good domain name is the first essential step to establish your web presence. Sometimes, however, the domain name that you want for your website has already been acquired. But you don't have to lose hope, especially if you're fully determined to get that name and willing to shell out some money to attain it from the present owner.

    There are several reasons that web experts give on why buy an existing domain name instead of being contented with free or available choices. For one, business owners should be aware that the right domain name plays an important role in enhancing the company's visibility and marketability online. A highly-memorable domain name will give prospective and present clients easy access to log in on the website. Not only will the name be used as the universal resource location of the website, it will also serve as the company's official email address extension.

    Another reason on why buy an existing domain name is to ensure the credibility of the business. The ability of the company to obtain a good domain name and email address establish reputation and professionalism.

    Sometimes you should also have to buy websites aside from your original domain name in order to protect your company's branding. For instance, let's say that you business website is mycompany.net. Sometimes your customers may forget your domain extension and type mycompany.co.uk, mycompany.com, mycompany.info, and so on. If you're in a very competitive market, it is possible that your rivals will buy all these existing domains and use them to redirect the address to their own websites. Instead of this happening, you may choose to buy all of these domains and be the one who'll take the opportunity of redirecting customers to your main company website.

    Buy acquiring existing domains, your website also gets greater chances to obtain more traffic. There are, for instance, websites whose addresses have kept a regular number of visitors over the past couple of years. When these websites decide to close down, you have the chance to get the names for domain and also use them as referral links to your business website. This of course will work only if the existing domains are related somehow to the nature of your business.

    Now that the most essential points on why buy an existing domain have been brought up, it's time to decide on your website name and contact its present owner. For you to find out whether the registered domain name is open for sale, it is recommended to join domain trading websites and consult with a professional who can acquire contact information of and give an offer to the owner. These domain traders will assist you in all necessary transactions in exchange of a small percentage of commission from the deal.

    Are you looking for more information regarding on why buy existing domain name? Visit http://directinfodomains.com today!

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_Cortes

    Choosing a Domain Name for Your Small Business

    One of the first things that you must decide on when looking to make a small business website is the domain name you are going to use. Chances are you've got a few in mind that you feel will be perfect for your new website. The problem is, and this happens very often, when you go to one of the domain name sellers and realize that all the names you had thought up have been taken. It's frustrating, especially when you realize there is another business out there somewhere that's called the same exact thing as your small business and they already own the name!

    Gone are the days when you could easily and quickly pick a few good names and simply go out and buy them. The internet is beyond massive with millions upon millions upon millions of websites. The chances you get your top pick are slim. But let's take it one step at a time. Let's assume your small business is a pizza shop and it's called Bob's Pizza. You figure that's the perfect.com name for your website, BobsPizza, but find it's already been taken. What to do?

    There are of course options beyond the.com extension such as .net, .org and so on. Depending on your business these may be options to consider. So if the .com version of BobsPizza is taken then maybe the.org extension is a good alternative. The rule of thumb is, however, that the.com extension is the one that most people think of when they think of most website and business domain names. Food for thought.

    The other possibility is to consider a slight variation on your name to get a.com such as Bobs Pizza Delivery. This way you get to have your small business name in your domain name and it still describes a part of what your business offers.

    Another option is to approach your domain name search from an SEO (search engine optimization) stand point. The domain name of a website can have a big impact on its rankings in search engine results. For example, rather than a.com version of BobsPizzaDelivery you might try your town name and what your business type is. Maybe your small pizza business is in a town called Springfield. Consider a.com domain name of SpringfieldPizza, or SpringfieldPizzaDelivery as options. People searching the web for pizza in your town might not know your small business name but they may search for those keywords and come across you just the same!

    Visit http://www.billyirish.com for tips and tricks on website development and social media. Bill Kelly is on a mission to empower novice webmasters, small business owners and non-profit organizations with the ability to create and maintain their websites using WordPress and assist with their online marketing and promotion efforts.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bill_P._Kelly

    Obtaining A Domain Name

    Obtaining a domain name is an important part of cultivating one's professional image on the internet. A professional does not want potential customers attempting to remember long URLs that point to their business page. Instead, obtaining a domain name allows you to present a professional face to whatever online presence you might be working towards. Whether it is simply a hobby site or a site dedicated to making your company easily accessible to clients, obtaining a domain name will allow you to further personalize your approach to your customers.

    Having your own domain separates professionals from amateurs. It signifies to the customer and public that you are serious enough about your product to want to present it well to them. Generally speaking, the cost of doing so is fairly small in regards to the greater benefit that it provides. Given the choice between a professionally presented website and one that is not; which would you choose?

    *Choosing a Domain Name

    When obtaining a domain name one of the first choices will be what name to give it. A few key points can help you make the most of your choice of domain name. Choose a domain name that sticks readily in your mind. Unless you have a large advertising budget, this will be one of the best ways to get people to remember the website. Give it a name that is functional and applies to the website's content. By a functional name, we mean words that have meaning. The domain name my-home-improvements.com will be easier to remember, easier to pass along, and speak what it is about than a domain such as goayjl.com

    *Obtaining a Domain Name

    Actually obtaining a domain name involves visiting a registrar website and purchasing the rights to use that website name. Due to the number of websites there currently are, it is a good idea to have a few alternative domains in mind when registering. That way you have alternatives in mind already. To make this even easier, you can simply try Googling the URL you had in mind to find out if anyone has already parked it there. If you are sold on a particular URL that you really want, it might be available with an extension other than.com. The extensions.org,.net,.biz; and international extensions for international entities, are all permissible alternatives if they relate to the content. People are used to trying.com addresses first though since it is the most prevalent. So when obtaining a domain name, if you can get a.com address; you will be better off than with the alternatives.

    The internet featured an explosive growth as more companies and individuals sought to spread their products and ideas online. Many people have heard the mantra that "all the good domains are taken", which was never true and still is not true. Obtaining a domain name that is effective and works well for you simply requires some thought and creativity. Plenty of good domains are still available out there for you and your business.

    Obtaining a domain name does not have to be a long, hard process. The Domain Name Center makes it simple to add that professional flair to your website by registering a quality, identifiable domain name. Competition for traffic is tight. Stop by The Domain Name Center today to improve your website recognition.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Greg_Harison

    Domain Names - Everything You Need to Know and More

    Domain names (DN) are alphabetic names used to refer to computers on the Internet and contain a suffix such as.com,.org,.gov, or.edu.

    A Registrant (end user) usually registers DN through a Registrar. (Hosting companies act as registrars)
    � Each name is unique.
    � Propagation time for new registrations is 24-72 hours.
    � WHOIS maintenance is the sole responsibility of the Registrant.
    � WHOIS database will indicate the following important information:
    � The Registrant
    � Expiration Date
    � Status
    � Authoritative Name Servers
    � Current Registrar

    � The person or company who registers the DN
    � To do this, they need to contact the Registrar of their choice.

    o The company with whom the Registrant registers their DN. (Hosting company)
    o The Registrar works with one or more Registries to offer different TLDs.

    o The company responsible for a particular TLD, such as.com,.org, or.net.
    o The registry maintains the database for that TLD to ensure that there are no duplicate registrations.

    � The various Registries and Registrars are all accredited by ICANN.
    � ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
    � They are responsible for managing and coordinating the ovrerall DNS.

    Registration Process

    1. Registrant contacts Registrar

    2. Registrar contacts Registry to see if DN is available.

    3. Registry contacts Registrar to confirm availability.

    4. Registrar contacts Registrant to confirm availability.

    Updates and Changes

    Any updates to the record need to be made through the Registrar.

    The customer contacts the Registrar and provides new information. ( Usually done via a control panel)

    The Registrar contacts the Registry with the updated information.

    The Registry makes the requested change.

    Transfer of Registration

    � Registrants have the option of transferring their DN registration from one Registrar to another.
    o Only after 60 days have passed from the initial creation date.

    � Request for transfer must be made through the gaining Registrar.

    � The losing Registrar must provide authorization for transfer.
    o Authorization Code

    � DN must be in an ACTIVE status.

    � Transfer authorization is sent to the Administrative Contacts email address listed on the Registrants WHOIS record.

    � ALL communication is sent to the Registrants Administrative Contacts email address


    � Is a system that stores, and associates many types of information with domain names.
    � It translates the domain name (computer hostnames) to IP addresses and vice versa.

    DNS consists of three components:

    o Domain Names

    o Authoritative Name Servers

    o Zone Files/Zone Records

    Other Functions


    o A domain alias allows you to point domain names to a domain name that has a hosting product.

    o Aliases are NOT included with normal registration fees.

    o An alias has the same zone file as the target domain name

    Subdirectory DN's

    � This feature allows you to create 3rd level domains that point to subdirectories of the corresponding 2nd level domain.

    � Subdirectory DN's can be anything you want, such as: mydomainname.com/blog


    � Forwarding allows you the ability to send all requests for one domain to another URL.
    � By typing in and entering one name in a browser, you will be forwarded to a website with another domain name(URL or IP address)

    How a Catchy Domain Name Can Help an Online Business

    There are two major reasons why domain names matter: first, a good name is easy to remember for customers, and easy to predict for potential customers. Second, search engines evaluate the quality of a domain name, in terms of deciding the topical relevance of a site, and it can be a major determinant in your site's rankings.

    A good domain name is one that can do both of these things, and usually has the following attributes:

    • It's keyword rich. Simply repeating your business name as a domain (e.g. JohnDoeAuto dot com) doesn't tell the search engines much about the site, and potential customers would never be able to predict the name. A much better name would focus on the keywords, such as CheapUsedCars dot com.
    • It's as short of possible. Most domain names over 14-15 characters are still available, but they're too long for people to remember, and search engines ignore any keywords in very long domains, suspecting them of gaming the algorithm.
    • It's a dot com: despite all the other extensions available, most Internet users still expect a site to have a.com extension rather than.net,.org, etc. If your site is outside the US, you may find that the local country's extension does have value, but even then Google Analytics often shows a large portion of even local traffic going to the.com version.


    If you find that your ideal domain name is already taken - and many are 'parked' by third parties hoping to resell the name in the future, you have a few options:

    • Approach the existing owner, and either inquire about a sale price or make an offer. You can usually discover the owner through the WhoIS database, or by sending a generic email to info@ or webmaster@ at the domain name.
    • Wait for the ownership to expire: WhoIS shows the expiration date of ownership. While it's a long shot, some domain owners forget to renew their name, at which point it becomes available for purchase just like any new domain. There are some automated services on the web that will handle this approach for you.
    • Add a subtle variant: if there's no way to retrieve the domain name you want, trying making a slight change to the name, such as adding a state code, location or something else relevant to your business. In some cases, adding a hyphen between words may help, though visitors often do not remember the hyphenated versions of a name.


    Your domain name is one of the most important factors in defining your online presence prior to building a website, which is why some domain names sell for millions of dollars in the secondary market. Spending the time to select a good name can have a significant impact on your success on the Internet.

    James Beswick is the author of "Ranking #1: 50 Essential Tips to Boost Your Search Engine Results" available on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1452849900?ie=UTF8&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&qid=1279571154&sr=1-1&linkCode=shr&camp=213733&creative=393177&tag=ekcy-20.

    For more information, visit http://ranking-number1.com.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Beswick

    Top Five Tips For Choosing an Effective Domain Name For Your Website

    Choosing a domain name is something that should not and can not be rushed. As time goes on, websites and domain names build up history which helps with search engine ranking placements, or SERPs. So, you need to stick with the domain name you choose to get the most from this and therefore its vital you spend time making sure your decision is the correct, and below we look at the top five most important things we feel you should take into account before purchasing your url.

    Name Relationship - Your domain name or url should really reflect your company name if possible. For example, Clear Web Services domain name is clearwebservices.com because the relationship with our company branding and our website needs to be connected. Although we can register other domains names to capture traffic, which we discuss below, it is still vital that our company name is also our domain name, as this is what the majority of the public will expect when trying to find our company on the Internet.

    Target Audience - If you are aiming for a UK audience, you really do need to go for a.co.uk address, but if you are looking to attract a global audience or give the impression of an international company, it is worth going for a.com, as although this used to be considered only for USA companies, it is now really the international standard domain name across the internet. If you are searching from the UK, most search engines will always try to deliver local results to you, as they consider these to be most relevant.

    Indexing And Ranking - Although unproved and really just what we see on an everyday basis, local domains like.co.uk and.com tend to rank much better than domains like.info and org.uk for example. If you do a search for anything in Google, the likelihood that the majority of the first two pages of results are.co.uk and.com, with other domains only ranking if there is little competition. As mentioned, this is unproven and only mentioned from experience, but many web designers and SEO experts will also mention when advising on registering a domain name.

    Keywords In URL - From a search engine optimisation point of view, trying to get a couple of keywords into your URL or domain name is always a brilliant idea, as long as you make it look natural and still make it a good domain name for your business. For example, if you sold washing machines in Bristol, a great domain would be washingmachinesbristol.co.uk as people would most likely to search "washing machines in Bristol" if they are wanting to buy one from an independent dealer. Do not go over board and simply stack your url full of keywords trying to take advantage of Google, as this will only harm you in the long run, both naturally and from people not being able to remember your url!

    Simple To Remember - If your domain name is going to be all over your advertising, including things like your company vehicles, t-shirts, uniforms and even media advertising like TV and Radio, then having a massively long and hard to remember URL is going to be a big mistake. You need to try and make sure your domain is easy to remember and contains no words that could be spelt incorrectly if misheard or only quickly visualised as your car flies by.

    Ian Spencer works for Clear Web Services, a SEO Web Optimisation and Web Design company serving the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire and South Wales. He has worked in the SEO and Internet Marketing world for many years, and working in partnership with another company has launched the new SEO business. http://clearwebservices.com. For More Information, please call 01594 835 857 or email info@clearwebservices.com.

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    Investing in Domain Names - Real Estate of the Future?

    For most of us it is well known that property investment is a great way to make money. But property investment takes a large amount of money and a considerable amount of paper work and time. As the world moves more and more into the digital era online business is fast becoming a powerful force in the global market.

    Investing in domain names is an alternative kind of real estate investment. Virtual real estate. For example pcservice dot com recently sold for US$20000, that is for the name only, no website!

    To make money from domains you need to know two important factors. What sort of names to buy and where, and how to sell the domains.

    Some recent domain name sale prices:

    wwi.com US$22,500
    heist.net US$5,850
    karaokeparty.com US$5,800
    shortfilm.org US$1,688

    It is worth studying the above list carefully, although it is not comprehensive it does give a snapshot of what to expect at auction. Several important things can be learnt from the above list. Firstly, dot com (.com) names are by far the most valuable for any given word / phrase. Dot coms are followed in value terms by dot net (.net) and closely behind by dot org (.org). Dot com names are relatively hard to find these days, but there are some great new alternatives to invest in. With the emergence of internet on phone handsets a new top level domain (TLD) name extension was created, that is dot mobi (.mobi). As this is a relatively new extension there are still some great names available. Another slightly more expensive but worthy new top level extension is dot tv (.tv). Lastly but not least is the new and much talked about dot asia (.asia) top level extension.

    Look around spend some time on a registration site to see what is available. Check common top level domains and international domain name extensions for the names you are searching.

    In some cases people have been known to buy a dnames and resell them relatively quickly at a small profit. However it seems the best money to be made from domain name investment is, as with property, long term investment. If you are prepared to invest some money into domain names and hold them for several years then you may well find they have become very valuable. Domain names are selling faster today than they ever have in the past and a boom in domain name value is expected within the next few years. After all if you had the foresight several years ago to purchase the domain name blackjack dot com or newzealand dot com, you would be half a million or one and a half million dollars richer today.

    If you are interested in searching for domain names or if you would like to register a domain name at a secure and friendly domain name registrar please visit http://www.ebot.ws

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lucas_Tulloch


    5 Cardinal Rules of Domain Investing

    Domain investing is the art and practice of acquiring a sought after domain and monetizing it in an effort to turn a profit. I eat, sleep and breathe this topic 7 days a week and in my personal opinion there are 5 cardinal rules that one must follow:

    1. The Double D's aka Due Diligence- Everyone has moments where they think they stumbled upon the next big idea. Minimize your buyer's remorse by researching keyword search volume, advertiser competition, cost per click value, keyword difficulty and demand for your concept.

    2. Organization is key- In my tenure working at the #1 domain registrar in the world I've watched in total dismay as people have let killer domains expire due to lack of organization. As a new start up every penny counts and you have to avoid costly mistakes like redemption fees, back order fees, hosting restore fees or bidding on the auction in an attempt to recover a domain you could of renewed for only $8.49. Its imperative you keep track of all costs involved including development and marketing to know how profitable the venture was.

    3. Create a strategy- Before focusing on the acquisition, focus on how you're going to make this investment profitable. Are you developing a directory? How about a product portal? Is it purely content driven? How do you plan on creating equity? How much will it cost for development and SEO? How much time do you want to invest and how much of the work do you want to do yourself? Are you going to monetize through premium advertisements, AdSense or affiliates? Define what success means to you and what's next after you achieve your goals.

    4. Take action- This one is so simple yet this is the #1 reason domainers fail. Don't become an expert on acquisitions, anyone can acquire a domain. Focus on business development and marketing/sales! Don't be afraid to pick up your phone and cold call end users.

    5. Do not become emotionally attached- This is a big one! Set your price realistically based off of market value. I see domainers fall into this trap time and time again. If you get a serious offer and it's in line with market norms then act on it while you can! At the end of the day domains are only valuable when someone else wants it. Investing in domains can quickly turn into a hobby, so it's vital that you remember your primary purpose- To turn a profit! I've had multiple investors share stories where they passed up decent $x,xxx offers and never received another.

    So there you have it. The 5 cardinal rules to domain investing. I didn't go into specifics because each topic deserves its own article. If you have any suggestions you would like to add please feel free to comment.

    Nima Jacob Nojoumi is the founder of Venture Media LLC, a firm specializing in online consulting and SEO services. You can read more at my latest website: http://nima.co about Domain and real estate investing

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    11 Tips for Domain Investing

    Domain name investing is currently a booming industry and a lot of people are making surprising returns on their investments. But before you jump in to this business you should do a little research. Domain name forums are filled with stories of people who spent their life saving investing in domain names only to lose every dollar they invested. These should help you out to get started in the domain business.

    1. Buy slowly. It is very common for beginners to pour thousands of dollars into their first bundle of domain names only to find that they have hundreds of junk names. It takes time to learn exactly what people want, what they will actually buy, and what prices they will pay. Resist the temptation to buy all your domains at once.

    2. Visit the Forums. The best way to learn the business of domains is to frequent domain forums such as DigitalPoint, DNForum, NamePros, and DomainState. Start participating in the discussions because when it comes time to start selling your domains, you don't want your profile to show only a few posts--a sure sign of a beginner.

    3. Know the Market. Although there are some domains that sell for huge amounts of money, most domains will only make you less than a hundred dollars profit. It is important to watch the domain name forums to see not only what people are selling, but which domains are actually making the money.

    4. Know the Types. There are many different types of domains. There are single-word .com domains that bring in large amounts of type-in traffic. There are type domains that leech of the traffic of bigger web sites. There are two- and three-word domains that rank well in search engines for specific terms. There are unique, brandable names that would be good for a new startup. Of course, there are the extremely rare 2, 3, and 4-letter .com domain names that fetch premium prices. Some types of domains you can turn around quickly, some will take years but might return larger profits. Be very careful about investing too much money in low-demand domain extensions such as .biz, .name, and .info.

    5. Be Creative. Although so many good names have already been taken, you would be surprised that a little creativity can bring you that golden domain that will make you rich. Try the bulk domain checker at [http://reg2.us/bulk] to check large numbers of domains all at once.

    6. Set a Budget. As you begin buying your domains, be careful to set a budget and remember that in exactly one year you will have to renew those domains. For that reason it might be better to purchase a fixed number of domains a month so you aren't hit with a bill for thousands of dollars twelve months later. Plan your purchases and watch for special deals.

    7. Watch for Scammers. The domain industry is full of fraudsters, scammers, and other criminals. Most domainers have fallen for a scam or two. This is a free-for-all market so be very suspicious of everyone who contacts you.

    8. Avoid Trash Names. Although there are many great domains that break the rules for a good name, the general consensus for investors is to avoid hyphens and numbers.

    9. Research the Names. Just because a domain name consists of a single word or some variant of that, it doesn't make it a good name. Check the search engines to see how many times that word appears and ask yourself if you would ever build a serious web site with that name.

    10. Avoid Trademarks. Domain names based on trademarks, even if they are a misspelling, will cause you nothing but trouble. Most of the time you will have the domain taken away or you might even face a lawsuit.

    11. Be Honest. The best thing you could do for your business is to deal honestly with others and leave good feedback for those who are honest with you. Domaining isn't a way to get rich quick and don't think that you can pull sleazy tricks to make it rich. The best strategy is simple honesty.

    Paul Reiser is an independent author and active buyer and seller of domain names. He operates Reg2.us, a discount domain name registrar. For more information visit http://reg2.us

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    Make Money Off Domain Name Investing

    This is a unique time in internet history and the window is closing faster and faster all the time. This is the hottest investment opportunity since the invention of private real estate ownership.

    What is that investment? Domain names.

    There have been some record-breaking sales in recent years. Fund.com sold for $10 million, BoiseIdaho.com went for $175,000, Skireports.com slid into an $800k deal, DataRecovery.com raked in nearly $1.7 million.

    Most of these names were purchased for less than a hundred dollars years ago. Talk about a return!

    There is still plenty of opportunity today. Plenty. There are a couple of ways to approach this business.

    1) Register generic domain names

    Look for unregistered names. However, with this, keep in mind that all the one word generic dictionary words are taken, and a lot of the two word generic names are taken. But you can still often find two and three word generics if you work at it.

    When looking for names, realize that clever isn't the way to go. You should look for generic names. Names that reflect an industry and reflect search traffic.

    Example: Cars.com is far superior to JaysAutoShack.com. Cars.com will rise to the top of the search engines for the term Cars, the other will languish in obscurity.

    2) Jump on trends

    Scan magazines, newspapers. Look for new trends, new slang words and register them before the words or phrases become hot.

    Example: Not long ago I started hearing talk about Staycations. It's a new trend of people staying home for their vacation time instead of traveling. I thought that's going to become a major phrase. I looked-up staycation.com, but somebody had already beaten me to the punch.

    However, important lesson learned.. trends are always happening. Read the paper and as many magazines as you can find and you'll surely nab some of these increasingly valuable names.

    3) Local domain names

    This is a hot emerging market. While local domain tends to not fetch the headline grabbing sales, you can do quite well buying and flipping.

    Example: Find local service names. NewYorkPetGrooming, BostonHospiceCare.com. Names should reflect local services. People tend to use Google instead of the yellow pages to look up information, which makes these names more and more valuable. You can get these names for registrations fees and it's not uncommon to sell them for thousands in a very short time.

    4) Buy aftermarket names

    This takes some upstart capital. But find names you like that are parked and make offers. You can search the pages of Sedo.com to find names for sale or use DomainTools.com.

    Example: Two years ago I purchased two names from SEDO.com. They weren't cheap, the low five-figures combined, however eight months later I flipped the names for 450% more than what I paid. If I had kept them I have not doubt they would turn into thousand plus returns.

    There you have it... some basic tips to help you cash in on this phenomenal new industry.

    Sarah Celeste is an author who focuses her attention on internet marketing and domain investing. She has discovered a marvelous new resource for those looking to jump into the generic domain name business. Visit the site for more information: Domain Sales Machine

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    Domain Investments - 3 Tips to Earning Real Profits

    The stock market is on a roller coaster. Real Estate markets everywhere are still in a massive slide. Where do you turn in this brutal environment to invest your money? Well, a safe bet right now is definitely in domain investments.

    Buying and Selling Domain names is becoming just as popular as trading stocks on Wall Street. And the good news for you is that domain investments are hotter than ever right now!

    If you are not familiar with domain investments, it simply means that you buy a domain name at a given price on the domain name aftermarket and then sell it at a later date for a higher price. Thus, making a profit in the deal. Now, the domain investments industry has received a unjustified bad-rap over the years due to the dot com burst and other rumors that the industry itself is shady.

    I am here to tell you that the industry has undergone significant changes since the boom earlier this decade. Back then, domains were thought to have value on sheer speculation. This means that people merely thought or even just hoped a domain would be of great vale someday.

    Well, the days of speculation are long gone, and domain investments are now very similar to traditional investments. They have common metrics and value measuring tools you can look at to determine how much a domain is worth. These include items such as traffic to a domain, revenue, demand, the niche or "market" the domain is in and the replacement value of the domain itself. That is, can you find a suitable domains similar to the one you are selling that would be of equal value.

    Overall, domain investments are quickly becoming a viable way to make money in today's bleak economy. With all traditional investment vehicles like stocks, real estate and mutual funds down tremendously, the domain market is thriving with opportunity for extremely high returns / profits.

    Plus, there are opportunities in domain investments right now that rival the boom seen in the early part of this decade. Except now, the value in domains is much more realistic and easier to place a dollar amount upon. Literally, there is enormous potential to become wealthy in the domain investments market if you understand 3 basic things:

    1) You must learn how to properly identify what makes a domain name valuable and how to spot the premium quality domains from the just average ones.

    2) You need to understand how to quickly and effectively research for new domain opportunities and capitalize on them before others.

    3) You have to be quick on you toes when it comes to knowing the right time to buy and the right time to sell domains. This will ensure your domain portfolio remains in a positive cash flow position.

    There you have it. A solid foundation for understanding why the domain investments market is the hottest place to make money right now. This is truly a wake up call for those that are struggling to get their finances back in order. There are huge opportunities to build serious wealth both quickly, and for the long-term by investing in domain names in the 2010's.

    Extra Tip:

    Don't miss out on this huge opportunity to catch the next big wave in the world of domains. Learn insider's secrets to the Domain Game and get started on the fast track to a successful domain investing career today by visiting:


    By: Kristopher Thomas

    Experienced Domain Name Investor, Pay-Per Click PPC Internet Marketing Coach and successful Online business owner. Read more at [http://www.fastwayto100k.com]

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    Domain Sales Machine Review

    If you are looking for a Domain Sales Machine Review, you should read this article entirely to find out about my experience with it. With the lessons I learned from this domain investing course, I have been able to develop a clear vision for my domain investments and I know exactly how to make the most profits out of my domains portfolio.

    1. What Types Of Domain Names Have I Learned To Find With The Domain Sales Machine System?

    Most of the time, I am able to get my domain names to generate revenue on their own while I wait to make a much bigger profit opportunity through a large lease or sales transaction. There are domain names that will be costing you money (from yearly renewal fees to maintain the registration) while you are waiting to profit from them, and these are the names that you should avoid buying or think of ways to make them sustain themselves while you own them.

    As a rule of thumb, always plan how you are going to earn money from your portfolio of domains before going ahead to purchase them.

    2. Should You Always Buy .Coms?

    There is significantly less risk when you buy .com domain names as compared to other extensions. Also, if you are able to get in early for any popular country code top level domains like .us, you may also have the opportunity to buy greatly profitable domain names.

    3. What Kind Of Domain Names Will Become More Profitable In The Future?

    It is not easy to predict the future of the domain industry, but Domain Sales Machine has given me a good analysis and helped me see what this industry will look like in the future. It is this inside knowledge that is helping me see opportunities to buy up great domain names for cheap and making huge profits out of my domains portfolio. I highly recommend anyone interested to profit from domain investing to find out more about Domain Sales Machine.

    Is Domain Sales Machine a scam? Visit http://www.top-review.org/domainsalesmachine.htm to read a FREE report about this domain investing system!

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Clifford_Willey

    How to Sell Domain Names You No Longer Want

    You'll run across articles online telling you that marketing these names is a fast technique to a sizeable amount of money. You'll also encounter cautious types sceptical about whether the business model works at all. Which theory is the correct one?

    The answer lies somewhere in the middle. It is the way you pick your URL names and knowing how to value them correctly that'll get you money. Let's check out the factors which might raise or lower the value of an expired name.

    Extension Type
    The extension attached will affect its value greatly..Com domain extensions are definitely worth the most, and have absolutely the best prospect of selling at a high price..Net and.Org are simply worth a good deal less. Unusual name extensions tend to be worth even less, unless they're being sold to a particular niche market.

    Domain Name Length
    The shorter the name is, the better. You've got a lot better chance of selling a 1 or 2 word name than you do of selling a long or hard to read one. Which sites do you visit the most frequently? It is probably the ones that are easy and simple to remember. A shorter name creates the ability to bargain for a better price.

    The quicker to read and comprehend the domain name is, the better off you'll be. That means that short, concise words that are easy to recall are the most in demand. As an illustration, misspellings of words aren't usually worth a lot.

    Strangely enough, hyphenation helps with understanding a website name, nevertheless it actually lowers the value. Any special character contained in the expired domain name you've got will lower its perceived market value.

    Singular Vs. Plural
    Singular terms increase your possibilities of obtaining a good price when you sell a domain name. The plural variation is worth comparatively less, and might not be much in demand at all. Prefixes and suffixes are also detrimental to the demand for a domain name. Once you have a set of domain names and identify their best and worst features, it's time to explore marketing them. There's several of ways to do this, from just sitting there and hoping someone comes along (not incredibly effective) to going out and promoting your expired domain names assertively. Even somewhat small investment campaigns comprise setting up a simple site to let people who stop by know it's for sale.

    Be Contactable Easily
    Be sure to include your contact information along with the names of and links to some related website names.

    Don't be surprised if you need to do more with a purpose to successfully market a domain name, however! Try setting up a totally functional site which has a related product - that'll show what the name can do. Use good quality content that visitors will actually want to read, and optimise your website well. Offer marketable services and products, plus links to affiliates. This increases your probabilities of selling the domain; it permits you to sell the domain and the site as a package, and creates a way to generate income from the domain until it sells. You can additionally start marketing actively. Get in touch with expired name brokers and ask them to help you sell your domains on a commission basis. Send emails to those you think that might be interested in buying, such as businesses with a similar existing name, or auction off yours on a well known site. These methods take much more effort and therefore time, however heighten the chances of selling the domain name for a reasonably high price. You just need to decide if they're worth the time you'll spend. Analyse the site name and check out the prices that similar names have sold for to come to this conclusion.

    Seller Beware!
    Before trading any web site names I recommend you refer to the regulatory body:- ICANN for the code of practise, as their 'slap' can be harder than Google's!.

    Sadie-Michaela Harris is a director of Social Media France http://www.socialmediafrance.com She is a Social Media Mentor, Coach and Key-note Speaker. Additionally she is the director of a French based company, Concierge Services and Lifestyle Management http://www.lifestyle-management.eu

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    How to Develop Your Domains for Quick Cash Making

    Domain development phase is very important and can consume lots of time; domain is unlike a landed property that appreciates in values even when nothing is done on it. You must apply some developmental techniques on your virtual property before anything can happen to it.

    Flippers must be skillful on how to develop his domains to make good money. Your domains should not just be left idle without making use of it; you must either park them or host them and write good contents on the sites on regular basis. But if they are parked, you should use your domain as signature under your contributions at forums after your quality contributions and also write articles that can systematically generate leads to the parked domains.

    If the above activities are well carried out, then the age of your virtual properties now counts; the longer the age of your domain the more it will appreciates further in value. The flippers who do not believe in parking are loosing money, because the traffic that comes to your parked domain means to buy one thing or others.

    For your information there are domains that yield up to $150 on daily basis with good traffic techniques.
    I personally believed on both techniques; by placing domain for sale and park with good domain broker and secondly, by hosting website or blog on the domains with consistent content placements on the blogs.

    How to sell domain varies from one flipper to others but all I know is if your virtual gems are valuable enough, the buyer will get to you and negotiate for purchase. This is an area that requires patience, hard work and focus as it may not sell fast as expected.

    The cost of your domain should be negotiated out between the bidder and the owner. But what matter most are the relevancy of the domain, age and traffic capacity of the domain should enable the two sides to reach a compromise on the selling price.

    Further more, by checking the past sales of other related domains can also help to reach an agreement. You may not get buyer for some domain early, but the more the age of domain the more search engine pays attention to such domain and the more the domain will be more active and such will bring traffic and clicks. So it is not advisable to sell any of your domains hurriedly.

    For you to develop your domains by hosting them, you need a web host that is cheap, reliable and specially established for domain flippers to enable you host for a reasonable price.

    For a reliable registrar and web host please click here to read my review we accept Naira. Also visit our article department to read more articles, we have series of articles on domain development, flipping and more eMarket Directory.com

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Boluji_Olatunji

    How Do You Sell A Domain?

    The procedure on how do you sell a domain in the online marketplace is very easy and free of charge. You just have to prepare all your domain-related info and then create a domain list in the shopping website with just a few steps. First, of course, is the normal process of registration and email verification. After this your account will be enabled and you will be given time to complete your seller profile. You will also be guided on how to use website tools to add your domains to the marketplace's catalog. And there you go your domains are already set up for sale.

    The pricing of your domains, of course, is dependent on the quality of its syntax, the length of time that the domain is existent, the number of people interested in getting the domains, and many other factors. What is great is that most domain trading websites are hosting exclusive resource centers through which you can gain knowledge regarding how you will attach tag prices in your domains.

    In any guide on how do you sell a domain, it is essential to be aware that domain buyers and website creators usually visit URLS to find out whether a certain domain has already been acquired or not. Domain market websites are aware of this, and therefore will also allow you to park your domains for free. By parking, this means that your domain name will be made accessible on the web browser. The visitors, instead of seeing a blank page in the website, will actually be greeted by an announcement that the particular domain is indeed up for sale. Good enough, your domain trading website will allow you to customize the content of the announcement as long as their logo is plastered somewhere on the page.

    If you may, you also can earn money while parking your domains by including pay-per-click links on the sale announcement page. These pay-per-click links will be provided by the domain trading website for free since they will also earn profits out of the set-up. As long as you're with a reputable trader everything will be a win-win situation-they will help you find your buyers in exchange of a commission from the sale, and also give you both opportunities to earn money while waiting for the right buyer.

    Like any other types of online marketplace, domain trading websites also offer premium services for you to increase your chance of getting a high-paying buyer. In exchange of a small fee, they will promote your domains in special sections, featured lists, home page, and other sections that can increase exposure.

    The end process on how do you sell a domain, of course, is closing a sale. If there are already interested buyers of your domains, you will be notified through email on how to contact them and close the deal. If you're willing to sell the domain immediately, you are free to do so. If you haven't set a fixed price for the domain, you can also negotiate with the buyers. You will receive price offers and you in turn may agree to them or give your counter offers. If you want to increase the price of the sale, you may use the highest price offered by the buyer and use it as a starting asking price for an auction.

    Are you looking for more information regarding on how do you sell a domain? Visit http://directinfodomains.com today!

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    How To Buy an Internet Domain Name

    How to buy a domain name is a question which can be found on many forums for people interested in starting an online business or just a website for fun or a blog. Due to the automatisation of this process, now it is easier than before to acquire a domain name.

    The first thing to do is to choose the name. It has to be relevant for your business or intention regarding the online presence, or it has to include your company's name. The next thing to take care of is related with the suffix, like dotcom, dotnet or other. In this case you need to think if you will run an internet project for the local business, or it will be an international one. The choice will be yours.

    The buying process is very simple:

    1. You choose the website or the registrar from which you will acquire it; please verify before the internet if there are negative reviews about it to avoid supplementary problems in the future;
    2. By using the platform, choose the desired name; if it is free, you will be able to register it immediately; if it is not you can contact the owner of it to buy it from him - but usually the price will be much higher or just search for another name or the same name with other suffix;
    3. You will need to introduce the owner's data which can be yourself, another person or a company and eventually set some privacy parameters;
    4. Pay, usually with a credit card and the domain will be yours; You can buy the domain for at least one year and you will have to take care for renewing it when this will be necessary;

    After that you will need to host the domain on a server and this decision will be taken having an idea about what kind of project you will develop and how much space and bandwidth you will need. The best option is to choose a webhost which will enable you to upgrade the plan when you will have new requirements. You will begin most likely with a shared hosting option and will go further to a semi-dedicated or dedicated server. Also, take care of the support system. You will need to choose a webhost where you will have somebody from the support department answering very fast to any requirement or technical enquiry from your side.

    Next, if you need to buy domain names and host websites we invite you to visit our website http://www.crystalmedia.ro where we offer an automated solution to buy domains and host websites and blogs on UK and US servers. Our support staff answer to any enquiry or technical problem in maximum one hour from submitting a support ticket.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adrian_Niculescu

    3 Things to Consider When Buying and Selling Domain Names

    Domain buying and selling is one of the growing markets in the World Wide Web. In the physical world, domain names are congruent to real estate properties. They serve as territories of the virtual universe. People who trade domains sell names which they acquire at a cheaper value and at the same time buy names which they think will increase value in the future. The difference that they will make from the process of buying and selling serves as their profits. People who want to make a living out of domain trading should be warned that the industry is still young and unpredictable. Before joining in the bandwagon, make sure of these 3 things to consider when buying and selling domain names.

    1. Domain trading is half-work and half-luck

    Understanding the nature of domain names requires extensive research and training, and people who want to make this a career should prepare themselves to a very young and dynamic market. They should be equipped with skills in exploring the growing market, speculating on the future demands of web creators, and choosing locations through which they can sell the names.

    The valuation of domain names is very unpredictable, and this can either be a good or bad thing. Sometimes you'll think you've gotten a very generic and sellable domain name only to find out that no one is interested to buy it. Sometimes a multinational company will come up with a product whose name is exactly similar to one of your random domains and consequently express intention to purchase it in exchange of a five-figure sum.

    2. Domain trading is a profession

    Whether you're buying and selling names full time or part time, always remember that the activity is an emerging online profession and therefore demands credibility and professionalism. You will attract numerous buyers if you assume the position of an expert who knows the market very well. Like a real estate professional, you should have a portfolio of the domains you're selling together with their individual profiles. Nothing will convince a buyer more than the impression that you know all the details about your domains by heart-their traffic statistics, their content histories, their pricing profiles, and so on.

    To become a successful trader, you should immerse yourself with the secrets of the market by knowing industry experts, insiders, buyer marketplaces, online companies, and trading associations. As mentioned, the market is young and the community is still quite small so you should take advantage of the chance of knowing the key players of trade and learning how to be one of them.

    3. Domain trading is all about closing a sale

    In the end, what matters most is that you have sold your domains at a much higher price and bought cheap ones to be sold again for profits. To establish a continuously growing customer base, you should make sure that all your transactions are done fairly, smoothly, securely, safely, and most of all absent of hassles. Choose the best escrow and domain names transfer service providers available to ensure that you receive and make payments efficiently and bestow and accept certificates of ownership quickly.

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    Domain Name Tips - How to Buy Domain Names Online - Step-By-Step

    In our world of internet driven marketing, advertising and sales, domain names are becoming a highly sought after resource. Domain names that are easy for the general public to think of and go to are worth quite a lot to the right people. This being the case, a lot of people would like to know how to buy domain names online and the process is really quite simple.

    When you buy a domain name, what you are really buying is the right to use a series of numbers called an IP address. This IP address is basically the whereabouts of your information on the internet. A typical IP address will look something like Originally all you had to do to go to a website was remember the IP address of the particular website you wanted to go to. However, as the internet gained popularity this system became unwieldy as more and more IP addresses entered the system. Enter the Domain Name System, created by the University of Wisconsin in 1983. This system maps IP addresses to domain names.

    So how to buy domain names online?

    Step 1 - Think of a unique domain name. A lot of the good ones are already taken. You may end up using a longer name because your original name isn't available. This is actually the hardest part.

    Step 2- Go to Google and do a search for 'buy domain name'. What you will see when the list loads is a long series of options. Places like Yahoo and GoDaddy are fairly popular but they are not the only ones out there. Choose one. Prices can range from fairly inexpensive (think five dollars a year) to not too expensive (around ten or eleven dollars a year).

    Step 3 - Once you have decided who to buy your domain through, go to their website and follow the usually simple instructions. Yahoo Domains has a sign up button right on the main page that leads you through registering your domain name step by step. Remember, all you've done is buy a domain name, not space to store your actual content. That is called hosting and is a different thing altogether.

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    Pay As You Grow Program Helps People Start An Internet Business On A Budget

    Starting and running a profitable Internet business could go from dream to reality for select individuals thanks to a new Pay-As-You-Grow Internet business startup assistance program announced by eComInvestments.com.

    In conjunction with their parent company Allied Internet Solutions Inc. eComInvestments.com has decided to make many of their 1500 premium quality domain names available to aspiring entrepreneurs at an initial that is a fraction of their cost and to help selected candidates to operate and grow their business faster than they thought possible.

    According to Scott Alliy President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. "we know that America has an entrepreneurial spirit. We also know that there are individuals with great knowledge and experience in one or more specific business areas.

    What holds these entrepreneurs back are two things says Scott money and complimentary talents.

    Our Pay-As-You-Grow Internet Business Startup Assistance program is designed to help would be successful business owners to overcome the two biggest obstacles preventing them from reaching their dreams.

    The crux of the Pay-As-You Grow program is to remove the capital barriers preventing the next Internet business success story and to lend our own expertise to make sure that the business development story has a happy ending.

    Our intended goal for offering this exclusive Pay-As-You-Grow Internet business startup assistance program is to grow the Internet and the economy and help put Americans back to work in the process.

    This is not to say that we are giving something for nothing says Scott.

    Potential Candidates considered as partners in the Pay-As-You-Grow business assistance program will be closely scrutinized to determine their likely success potential. Candidate will be required to show a high level of interest and expertise and should be able to contribute some level of capital he says.

    Individuals and Business Professionals interested in learning more about the unique Pay-As-You-Grow business assistance program should visit http://www.eComInvestments.com then follow these steps to be considered for inclusion in the business startup assistance program

    1) Submit a letter of interest to support@ecominvestments.com

    2) Reveal the domain name or names of interest to them

    3)Include and extensive list of qualifications and business experience they have pertaining to the business name they are considering developing and operating.

    4)Include a business plan including timtable and mile markers they believe that they can achieve.

    Following receipt of the above info a company official will review the submission and notify the candidate of our decision to pass on their candidacy or will contact them to move to the next level of partnership business discussions.

    For more information or to find out if your qualify for the program and choose a premium quality domain name from over 1500 listed please visit http://www.eComInvestments.com


    About Us:
    ecomInvestments.com is a division of Allied Internet Solutions Inc.

    Contact Info:
    Scott B. Alliy

    Additional: Internet business Startup assistance program

    Premium Internet business domain names

    Company: eComInvestments.com

    Country: United States

    Contact: Scott B. Alliy

    Website: http://www.eComInvestments.com

    Bus E-Mail: na

    Phone: (800) 712 5568

    How To Buy an Internet Domain Name

    How to buy a domain name is a question which can be found on many forums for people interested in starting an online business or just a website for fun or a blog. Due to the automatisation of this process, now it is easier than before to acquire a domain name.

    The first thing to do is to choose the name. It has to be relevant for your business or intention regarding the online presence, or it has to include your company's name. The next thing to take care of is related with the suffix, like dotcom, dotnet or other. In this case you need to think if you will run an internet project for the local business, or it will be an international one. The choice will be yours.

    The buying process is very simple:

    1. You choose the website or the registrar from which you will acquire it; please verify before the internet if there are negative reviews about it to avoid supplementary problems in the future;
    2. By using the platform, choose the desired name; if it is free, you will be able to register it immediately; if it is not you can contact the owner of it to buy it from him - but usually the price will be much higher or just search for another name or the same name with other suffix;
    3. You will need to introduce the owner's data which can be yourself, another person or a company and eventually set some privacy parameters;
    4. Pay, usually with a credit card and the domain will be yours; You can buy the domain for at least one year and you will have to take care for renewing it when this will be necessary;

    After that you will need to host the domain on a server and this decision will be taken having an idea about what kind of project you will develop and how much space and bandwidth you will need. The best option is to choose a webhost which will enable you to upgrade the plan when you will have new requirements. You will begin most likely with a shared hosting option and will go further to a semi-dedicated or dedicated server. Also, take care of the support system. You will need to choose a webhost where you will have somebody from the support department answering very fast to any requirement or technical enquiry from your side.

    Next, if you need to buy domain names and host websites we invite you to visit our website http://www.crystalmedia.ro where we offer an automated solution to buy domains and host websites and blogs on UK and US servers. Our support staff answer to any enquiry or technical problem in maximum one hour from submitting a support ticket.

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    Why Buy An Existing Domain Name

    If you're a business owner who plans to create a website for your company, getting a good domain name is the first essential step to establish your web presence. Sometimes, however, the domain name that you want for your website has already been acquired. But you don't have to lose hope, especially if you're fully determined to get that name and willing to shell out some money to attain it from the present owner.

    There are several reasons that web experts give on why buy an existing domain name instead of being contented with free or available choices. For one, business owners should be aware that the right domain name plays an important role in enhancing the company's visibility and marketability online. A highly-memorable domain name will give prospective and present clients easy access to log in on the website. Not only will the name be used as the universal resource location of the website, it will also serve as the company's official email address extension.

    Another reason on why buy an existing domain name is to ensure the credibility of the business. The ability of the company to obtain a good domain name and email address establish reputation and professionalism.

    Sometimes you should also have to buy websites aside from your original domain name in order to protect your company's branding. For instance, let's say that you business website is mycompany.net. Sometimes your customers may forget your domain extension and type mycompany.co.uk, mycompany.com, mycompany.info, and so on. If you're in a very competitive market, it is possible that your rivals will buy all these existing domains and use them to redirect the address to their own websites. Instead of this happening, you may choose to buy all of these domains and be the one who'll take the opportunity of redirecting customers to your main company website.

    Buy acquiring existing domains, your website also gets greater chances to obtain more traffic. There are, for instance, websites whose addresses have kept a regular number of visitors over the past couple of years. When these websites decide to close down, you have the chance to get the names for domain and also use them as referral links to your business website. This of course will work only if the existing domains are related somehow to the nature of your business.

    Now that the most essential points on why buy an existing domain have been brought up, it's time to decide on your website name and contact its present owner. For you to find out whether the registered domain name is open for sale, it is recommended to join domain trading websites and consult with a professional who can acquire contact information of and give an offer to the owner. These domain traders will assist you in all necessary transactions in exchange of a small percentage of commission from the deal.

    Are you looking for more information regarding on why buy existing domain name? Visit http://directinfodomains.com today!

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    4 Domain Name Tips To Consider

    Two things that you will definitely need if you want to be recognized as "the expert" in the niche that you are in over time are - Domain name and web hosting.

    A domain name is one where people enter into their web browsers to visit your website (it can either be.com,.net,.biz,.org, etc.) and web hosting is one where you store your website's files in (so that your entire website can be displayed on your visitors' computer when they visit it).

    Choosing the right one can, at times, be a very difficult task - Especially when most of the time the names you wish to purchase are already taken.

    What I am going to share with you in this post are 4 tips that you can consider to help you brainstorm suitable domain names for your website.

    1. Relevance

    Make sure that the domain name that you are going to choose is related to the topic of your website - It should be such that, by simply looking at it, your visitors will be able to tell what contents will they be able to discover in your website.

    2. Domain Endings.com,.net,.org etc. - Which Is Better?

    Personally, I would go for those that end with a.com, with the reason being that most people remember names ending with.com.

    If.com is taken, then I will go for.net - I will not opt for other domain endings.

    3. Domain Name Lengths

    Generally, the shorter the domain name, the better - As people are more likely to remember a short domain name rather than a long one.

    In general, I would try to choose one that is less than 35 characters in length (including the domain ending)

    4. Word Separator - Hyphens or Underscore?

    Most of the time, the name that you choose will consist of more than one single word.

    In that case, you can either choose to separate each of these words either by using hyphens, underscores, or just simply join all the words together.

    Unless it consists of more than 4 words, I generally would recommend that you join all the words together, for the reason that when people remember them, they generally do not remember the hyphens that are separating each word.

    Also, if it contains too many hyphens (such as 4 hyphens or more), it will start to look unprofessional.

    The above are 4 domain name tips that you should consider when it comes to brainstorming for one for your website.

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    Domain Name - How a Domain Name Will Help Get You Ranked Highly in ...

    If you plan to send visitors that have read your article to your website, then you need a great domain name.

    Your domain name is one of the most important items of your website - it makes you credible because it represents just what your company is about. Your domain name is also critically important for search engine ranking.

    Here are 3 fantastic ways to choose a domain name will help get you ranked highly in the search engines:

    1) Easy to remember. One way for people to remember your website is to make it easy to remember as well as to type. Don't use more than 3 or 4 words because looking at a long domain name can be confusing. Many times you want to break the words with hyphens. For example, which is easier to read: washingmachinestogo.com or

    washing-machines-to-go.com? It's your choice but I would go with the hyphens.

    2) Keywords. This is one of the most important ways to get your domain name ranked highly in the search engines. Place your primary keyword in the name, preferably as the first word. However, make sure that your keyword doesn't have a double meaning or you might get lost in the search engines. For example, if you called your website apple-farms -in-Pennsylvania, you could easily be confused with Apple computers due to the first name and you would probably get very few visitors to your website.

    3) Free advertising. If your domain name is set up with relevant keywords and proper descriptions of your website, then people will have a great idea of what your website is about and what you offer. So, getting your dominant name highly ranked in the search engines is not just a link but really a way of advertising your website.

    Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I've just completed my brand new free ebook entitled "Beginner's Guide to Article Writing".

    Download it free here: Successful Article Writing

    Larry Zolna is an article writer and teacher with emphasis on article marketing monetization, link building, email campaign and other related fields. For more information, please visit: http://www.secrets-of-article-monetization.com/sp1.html

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    Making Money Online - The Secret To Getting A Great Domain Name

    If you're new to making money online, here's good news. Thousands of people are already earning $200, $300 or even more a week with their moneymaking domains. For that matter, some people are actually making thousands of dollars a week with their websites. And there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do the same.

    A common interest or need

    The first and most important thing to do in making money online is to choose what's called a good niche. The definition of a niche is a group of people who have a common interest or need. For example, people who love model trains are a niche. Other niches are people with classic cars, women who love to crochet, people who scrapbook and women who love to make fancy cakes.

    The real truth about domain names

    The best niches are those made up of "desperate buyers." This could be teenagers with acne who are desperate to get rid of it, chronic headache sufferers or people who are seriously overweight.

    Unfortunately, many of these "desperate buyer" niches are very competitive-that is to say there are many different websites competing for the same potential buyers.

    If you can think of a niche of desperate buyers where there is not so much competition, more power to you. However, an easier way to find a moneymaking niche is to think in terms of what you are passionate about or what you know a definable group of people are passionate about. Again, this could be people who are passionate about model railroading or about flying RC airplanes.

    Getting a domain name

    Once you have identified the niche in which you want to have a site or blog, the next big thing is to get a domain name. There are several services such as Godaddy.com and Hostgator.com where you can purchase domain names. A domain name on either of these services will cost you anywhere from $1.95 to $.13.95, depending on whether you buy a dot.com, a dot net, or a dot info.

    As close to your keyword as possible

    The big secret to getting a moneymaking domain name is to get a name that is as close as possible to the keyword of your niche. For example, if your niche were home container gardening, your keyword would be homecontainergardening. And your domain name should be something such as homecontainergardening.com, homecontainergardening.net or homecontainergardening.org. In other words, your domain name should be identical to your key phrase.

    What if you can't get one of these names?

    In some cases, you will be able to get an identical domain name. However, in many cases you will find that the dot com. dot net and dot org have already been taken. In this case, a good alternative is to use a "stop word." Stop words include a, the and my. So, in the case of home container gardening, if you can't get that exact phrase, you might be able to get homecontainergardening.com but beginning with "e" or "the."

    Get a domain name that's as close to your key phrase and you will have won half the battle for making money on the Internet.

    You can do everything right and still fail as an internet marketer if you don't build your own list of prospects. To do this, you need to have an auto-responder account and put what's called an opt-in box on your site or blog. This can be a frustrating and time-consuming process unless you get this this FREE 12-page report. It provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for getting an auto-responder account and creating that absolutely necessary opt-in box. Click here to get this important, FREE report.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Douglas_Hanna

    Deciding The Right Name for Your Business

    So what is the first step in creating an online business? The domain name! If you can generate a high volume of traffic to your website you chance of higher sales is good. You'll want to find a name that will be easy for people to remember.

    It is an easy process to purchase a domain name. In fact it is probably the easiest part. The tricky part is when you have to decide what the right name is for you. You may not be able to acquire your first choice as it may already be taken. In your attempt to pick a name you may want to start with longer domain names as shorter names in most cases have already been taken.

    A few things to consider before you purchase a domain name for your business is:

    1. Pick a catchy name, one that will be easy for someone to remember. A name that is easy to remember is better than one that's cute.

    2. As.com are the most popular extension you may want to consider purchasing the.net and.org extensions as well. This will allow you to direct traffic to you website if they accidentally type in the wrong domain.

    3. Try to stay away from slang. Keep an "s"� as an "s"� and do not replace it with a "z"�. Please tend to refer to the normal way of spelling the word. If customers can't find your website then they can't buy from you. A lot of advertisement is done on the radio and people will only hear the domain name. They will not know if it's spelled with "z"� opposed to an "s".

    4. Numbers are another thing to stay away from. They can be difficult for someone to remember if multiple numbers are used.

    5. As longer domain names are easier to get try to keep the name as short as possible. The more words there are the harder it will be to remember.

    6. Hyphens are another thing to stay away from. They can be confusing to some people.

    Add a decorative pillow and throw a pair of blankets and throws in your bedroom and sofa sets.

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    Domain Names - Some Information to Help You Choose

    The internet is growing at an exponential rate. It is getting more crowed by the day. If you are planning on starting an online business then odds are that you are going to have trouble obtaining a domain name for your business concern.

    When the internet started site names (that's what a site name's called) were abundant and free. Then people woke up to the idea of using the internet to do business and all the good URLs got taken. There were still quite a few good URLs up for grabs, but now getting a domain name that pertains to your business is rather difficult. For example if your business provides locksmith services, then you are definitely not going to get a domain name like 'locksmiths.com' or 'thebestlocksmiths.com'. This does not mean you cannot get a good domain name for your business.

    I will come back to choosing a domain name later in the article; but first, a little on the importance of site names. Now-a-days the first stop for most people trying to locate anything on the internet is a search engine. For example if a person is looking for exercise clothing and don't know where to go, then they are going to go to a search engine and enter phrases like 'cheap gym clothes'. The search engine will then come up with the relevant results and display them. The person looking at the results will then look at the sites and decide on which one to visit. So if you have a domain name like 'gymclothes4u.com' or something like that then the chances that your site is visited are much greater.

    So choosing the right domain will help you get traffic to your site. That brings us back to choosing a domain name. So how do you choose a domain name that's relevant, concise and isn't taken already? Worry not; there are a couple of tricks you can use. Firstly you need to be creative with your domain name. I don't mean getting carried away and naming your site something like BigBubba.com. Your domain name should give an idea of the services or products you provide. Use hyphens if needed. The hyphens are viewed as blanks by search engines so they won't affect the results. Most domain registrar's have a feature that allows you to check whether the name is already taken. There is also the possibility that the name you are looking for is already registered. In such cases you can contact the the owner and offer to buy the domain. This is known as Domain Scalping.

    Once you have decided on the name, bought and registered it then it's time to setup your site. Hope you have found this article informative and helpful.

    Domain Scalping: Discover The Simple Steps To Turn $4 Domains Into $3000 Cash In 48 Hours or Less. Learn more from the Domain Scalping Review.

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    3 Things to Consider When Buying and Selling Domain Names

    Domain buying and selling is one of the growing markets in the World Wide Web. In the physical world, domain names are congruent to real estate properties. They serve as territories of the virtual universe. People who trade domains sell names which they acquire at a cheaper value and at the same time buy names which they think will increase